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Current GMD 4 Management Program - effective date: January 22, 2014   (a pdf file)

Because the district is required to annually review and either re-adopt or amend its Management Program, the Board is almost continuously working on it. If there are concerns over any aspect of the current plan, contact any board or staff member.

The process is: 1) Board adoption of a preliminary Management Program; 2) Submission to the Chief Engineer for approval; 3) Conduct of a local public hearing for membership comment; 4) If public comment is supportive, the board adopts the program and it becomes effective. If public comment is opposed the board can either adopt the program over the opposition, or, make changes based on the public comment. If the changes are substantive, the program must go back to the chief engineer.  The Management Program action date (either re-adoption or amendment) is normally done in November, but can happen anytime.