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This page is in response to Senate Substitute for Substitute for House Bill 2864, which amended portions the KORA (K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.) in 2000. The current KORA makes it state policy that all but a specified listing of public agency records be made available to the public when requested. The act now requires that every governing body of every public agency designate a "freedom of information officer" (FIO) to:

     1:   Prepare and provide educational materials and information concerning KORA;

     2:   Assist the public agency and the general public in resolving disputes relating to the KORA;

     3:   Respond to inquiries regarding the KORA; and

     4:   Create a brochure for public display covering the rights of public information requestors, the public agency responsibilities, and the agency's procedures for inspecting and obtaining copies of public records.


PRINCIPAL OFFICE: Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District, 1175 S. Range, Colby, KS 67701-0905.

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm AND 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Weekdays except designated state holidays.

OFFICIAL CUSTODIAN: Wayne Bossert, Manager (GMD 4 Resolution AR-00-04)

OTHER CUSTODIANS: Ray Luhman, Asst Manager; and Rita Wade, Secretary


     1. $15.00 per hour staff charges: For staff time required to locate records, provide records for inspection, monitor the inspection process, replace records and/or copy records. Staff charges will be prorated for any partial hour at $.25 cents per minute, and all charges are due payable before any requested records are released to the requester.

     2. $.10 per copy: Copy charges will be in addition to staff and any other applicable charges.

     3. $1:00 per diskette: For electronic records. This charge will be in addition to all other applicable charges.

     4. Actual Postal Costs: For any request to mail records. These costs shall be paid by the requestor in addition to all other applicable charges.


1. Inspect and obtain, as soon as possible, any valid public record of this GMD per the KORA and GMD policy, provided posted fees are agreed to. If the record(s) are not available immediately, the requestor shall within 3 working days be given an explanation for the delay in providing the records and a specific date, time and place the records will be made available;

2. Make abstracts of any inspected record(s) while inspecting same, or to have copies made by the records custodian or FIO, provided all applicable fees are agreed to;

3. If refused any record(s) for inspection, request in writing a specific reason or reasons for the refusal. The written response may be provided by the FIO, the records custodian, or either of their designees, and shall be provided within 3 working days of the request;

4. File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office or the county or district attorney within 45 days of a claimed open records violation; or to bring a private law suit if you feel you were wrongfully denied records;

5. Request an advisory opinion from the Attorney General's Office regarding the KORA, your specific request, or any KORA enforcement issue;

6. Obtain a copy of the district's policies and procedures for accessing records, and to ask for help from the district's freedom of information officer.


1. To aid the public in understanding the open records act as it relates to district records;

2. To see that all valid requests to inspect public records are honored per the KORA and GMD policy;

3. To insure that any delayed or refused requests are provided specific reason(s) for the delay or refusal per the KORA.


1. Consider if the record, information or document you want is a public record. You should consult with the freedom of information officer or official custodian if in doubt. Most records maintained by public entities are open records. These commonly include, but are not limited to: statutes, regulations, policies, minutes and records of open meetings and budget documents. Likewise, some examples of records not open are: personnel information, medical treatment records, notes and preliminary drafts, criminal investigation records and legal documents protected by attorney-client privilege. A complete list of exemptions can be found at K.S.A. 45-221.

2. Contact the district office regarding your request. If you are to visit the district office, bring the list of specific records you wish to inspect. If you are submitting a written request, you must provide a specific description of the record(s) you seek, your name and address, and your right to access the record(s). Normally your right to access records will be through the Kansas Open Records Act.

3. If your request is delayed or denied, you will receive a written explanation for the delay or denial within 3 working days.

4. Unless your request is denied, pay all fees for the record(s) requested before receiving requested records.

The records custodian and the Freedom of Information Officer for GMD 4 is Wayne Bossert, Manager, who can be reached at the district office, or at PO Box 905, Colby, Kansas 67701-0905; Phone number is (785) 462-3915; Or by e-mail at E-mail GMD 4 Records custodian